Volker Gerling

Flipbooks as Offset Prints:

Printed flipbooks cost 20 euro. They come in a card box painted white. The stories are included in the back pages.

Gedrucktes Daumenkino

The following flipbooks are available:

- Man by the Tracks, Vancouver, 2011
- Boy by a Canal, Münster, 2006
- Girl with Freckles, Zürich, 2003
- Woman with a Scarf, Am Rhein, 2008
- Family in the Garden, Gut Bockerode, 2006
- Old Man with a Tie, Unterstedt, 2009
- Buildings and Street, Berlin, 2002
- People and Pictures, Berlin, 2003

- Girl with Long and then Short Hair, Jena, 2003
- Woman with Eyes Closed, Berlin, 2003
- Woman on a Barstool, Halle/Saale, 2005
- Cathedral and Moon, Berlin, 2002
- View from My Window, Berlin, 2004 - 2005
- Gentlemen’s Lavatory, Berlin, 2005

- Old Man with a Baseball Cap, Berlin, 2003


Books (in German):


"Bilder lernen laufen, indem man sie herumträgt"
, (Pictures Learn to Walk when You Carry Them Around), the story of my first walk, published by Metrolit Verlag. 18.99 euro.

„Der Mantel der Eigenzeit - Gedanken zum fotografischen Daumenkino“ (Under Your Own Time – Thoughts on Flipbook Movies), published privately. 15 euro.

How to buy flipbooks and books:

I am sorry, but currently you can buy flipbooks and books exclusive after my shows. Please send me an email if you have any questions. Thank you!

Original Flipbooks:

These flipbooks are made with hand-made prints on matte Baryta paper. They are limited, numbered and signed editions of twelve or thirty-six flipbooks and cost between € 750 and € 1250 (plus 7% sales tax). These flipbooks are delivered in an embossed slipcase.  

Further information under: volker@daumenkinographie.de

All prices include 7% sales tax unless otherwise indicated.