Volker Gerling                                  

 16 March 2018

Dear Friends of Flipbook Cinema,

The next dates for performances of my flipbook stage show Portraits in Motion you find here. Here you see a trailer of Portraits in Motion.

You are warmly invited!

18 March, 7 pm, Berlin
Daumenkino mit Livemusik (zusammen mit helen frigid - ich zeige Ausschnitte aus meinem Abend - ein Experiment im Rahmen des Festivals Neue Narrative)
Theater Expedition Metropolis

19 April, 8 pm, Tübingen

21 April, 8 pm, Konstanz
Theater Konstanz

29 May - 02 June, 7 pm, Recklinghausen
Ruhrfestspiele Fringe Festival

I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

Volker Gerling

If you would like to receive regular information about my show and other events then please mail to volker@daumenkinographie.de and ask to be added to my mailing list.